At AFN, we understand what it takes to establish, nurture, and protect a successful business. Through our corporate advisory services, we provide a holistic menu of strategies to help executives focus on what they care about most: their core business.

We address each firm’s unique set of concerns and challenges with a 360-degree approach. Leading with executive financial planning, we offer an exclusive program designed to meet the distinct needs of key executives. Our in-depth analysis and design are critical components for creating a comprehensive and effective financial plan that strengthens your employees’ financial wellness and empowers them to continue performing at a high level. Our premium executive planning program is the perfect way to attract, retain, and reward your top-level executives.

In addition to providing leading benefit solutions for your executives and employees, we can also help you prepare for a liquidity event with confidence. Whether your firm’s transition is fast approaching or a few years away, preparation is essential. From selecting the right advisors and initiating forward-thinking tax plans to aligning your key team members and more, we will ensure the ultimate transition is as seamless as possible.

For the larger health of your organization, AFN can help with Buy-Sell agreements, ESOPs, and both Qualified and Non-Qualified plans. In addition to Tax Credit/Conservation Easement solutions, we can also further your firm’s community outreach with our Charitable and Philanthropic Planning strategies.

Like a private thinktank, we serve as an objective resource to help your business select and develop strategies that maximize its potential and efficiency. Whatever you hope to achieve, we will serve as an extension of your executive team and always have your best interests at heart. When you partner with AFN, you receive more than financial strategies. You gain a partner and steward to maximize the potential and longevity of your firm.