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American Financial Network Advisory Services, LLC is an independent corporate advisory and financial solutions firm providing comprehensive guidance to businesses, their owners and executives as well as a select group of high net worth individuals throughout the United States.

In our corporate practice, we assist business owners to maximize the value of their business with our family office approach. We act as our clients financial advocate striving to enhance their wealth accumulation and preservation by implementing state of the art solutions.  

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Risk Management

Wherever you are in life’s journey, we are here to help to protect your loved ones.

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Investment Management

We tailor strategies to help you accumulate and preserve your wealth

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Financial Solutions

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" - Benjamin Franklin

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Corporate Services

Maximizing value to companies through holistic and strategic planning.

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Steps to consider so you can potentially accumulate the money you'll need to pursue the dreams you have.


"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" - Benjamin Franklin


Create an investment strategy that’s designed to pursue your risk tolerance, time horizon, and goals.


Manage personal affairs while you're alive and control the distribution of wealth upon your death.


A well-structured insurance strategy can help protect your loved ones from the financial consequences of unexpected events.


With careful and consistent preparation, you may be able to manage the impact of taxes on your financial efforts.


How to strike a balance between work and leisure is just one aspect of the wide-ranging lifestyle matters.

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